In Between

Four months ago, I graduated high school (I consider it high school at least, though others would call it college or sixth form). A milestone I never imagined reaching, it's still hard to believe that I've gone through and successfully completed thirteen years of school. And now that that's done, I am now trying to sort out the next four or so years of my life: university.

I consider myself lucky to have such a long time before going on to start the next stage of my life; I have more time to figure what that's actually going to be. So far I've done an amazing internship and planned my own party (as well as lots and lots of shopping), both of which have fed the dream I'm now working to reach at some point - hopefully that point isn't too far off. 

The world hasn't been so lucky in 2016 so far; too many mornings I've woken up to heartbreaking and terrifying news. And closer to home the issues in people's everyday lives only grow more prominent as I grow older and more sensitive to where I am - be it in my city, in the world, or in my own life. In these few months of transit between high school and university (what could be considered, in a sense, my transition between childhood and adulthood), I have the opportunity to choose change: I can change myself; I can change people's minds; I can change the world, however small that change may be.

As I go through the next few months, years, and various stages of my life, I'll always be working towards a change of some sort. So while I'm in between certainties at the moment, my own little seeds of change are being planted wherever I can - starting now.