Makeup and Me

My relationship with makeup began at a fairly young age.

When I was eleven, I discovered the YouTube beauty community and I was hooked. A huge chunk of my free time would go to watching the likes of Michelle Phan and juicystar07. If I wasn't watching them, I was pretending to be them. Yes, I would sit in front of my mirror talking about imaginary products I had never even touched. In my mind, I was an expert. Years later, at the age of fifteen, I declared 'I'm too lazy for makeup and I don't want to ever wear makeup.' Of course, only a few months later my first prom came along and I excitedly made my first major makeup purchase: a trip to MAC with my mum - classic.

Since then, my makeup collection has grown along with my shadow blending skills and formula knowledge. Is it something I'm super proud of? Maybe not; good grades and an ace attitude are, personally, much more worth investing in. Sometimes I just sit and think about all the money I've spent on makeup and silently vow to never buy another lipstick again. Of course, this doesn't last long and sometimes within a few days I'm perusing the familiar aisles of Sephora eager to stock up on points - which of course just means more spending.  I'm both ashamed and proud to say that I managed to reach VIB status much faster than I thought I would.

My usual makeup 'style' can probably be described as minimal, and is largely dependent on how I'm feeling in the morning. Most days it'll be a subtle flick of eyeliner, combed brows and light wash on the lips; sometimes if I really feel like it (and have the time) I'll try my hand at a little eyeshadow, though I usually save this for evenings or occasions; a lot of the time I'll even just leave the house sans makeup without a second thought (where more often than not I'll be able to glance at a mirror without thinking 'ugh, I should've put on a little concealer here and there'). However I decide to go about my day, my makeup never gets in the way whether I'm wearing a lot or none at all.

Revisiting little eleven-year-old me (but let's be real, eighteen-year-old me is still pretty little), I'm definitely not quite as bold and adventurous with my makeup as I aspired to be when my makeup senses first awoke (or perhaps Instagram makeup artists). But who knows, maybe somewhere along the way I'll make a dramatic turn and start regularly rocking colourful smokey eyes to uni or work. But at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter - it comes off. What matters to me is that I feel good whether I'm wearing any or not, as it should be for everyone.