Characters (and movies) I love

Clementine Kruczynski

All of my friends know that my all time favourite movie is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I love everything about it: the plot, characters, visuals, score. I've definitely watched it upwards of 10 times within the past couple of years and I imagine I'll be watching it every few months for the rest of my life. Kate Winslet is one of my favourite actresses and Clementine my favourite of her roles. She's impulsive, quirky, and she knows exactly who she is and what she needs. While I don't exactly see myself in a lot of her traits, I always find myself being so drawn to her character and wanting to hold on to every word she says. 

Amélie Poulain

The sweet, much loved Amélie Poulain of the Two Windmills made her way into my heart just a few months ago, and I've already watched her quest for do-good-ing about five times. Unlike Clementine, there are definitely aspects of  Amélie's personality and story that I've felt I could relate to. I am by no means as selfless and proactive in making peoples' lives better (although I do love writing notes and randomly giving out flowers to friends), but I like to think I share her appreciation for the little details and quirks, her habit of overthinking the worst possible outcomes, and have definitely felt like melting into a puddle of misery over a missed opportunity or misread situation.

Elle Woods

Yes, she totally changed who she was and got into Harvard to win back Warner who was, from the start, totally not worth it. But Legally Blonde has always been one of my favourite guilty pleasures (the amount of times I've seen it is almost criminal) and I think she's great. She works hard (despite questionable motives to begin with); is open to making friends with everyone, even those who doubted her; has self-respect; and she's always willing to help a sister out. I think what's nice about Legally Blonde is that even a girl who starts out totally hung up on a guy can come to realise that someone who belittles her and doesn't believe in her just isn't worth her time - what is worth her time is building her own life and career and helping her friends.